Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From Curly to Larry in 5 Months

(To my regular readers, sorry I haven't posted lately, been working way too much lately!)

A few weeks ago, I talked David into going to the gym with me. When he is home, we have gone together almost every day for a few weeks now. When he is not home, he calls me at 6:00 am to remind me to haul my butt out of bed and go the gym. That is good motivation :-) Not that he harasses me, but that he cares enough to call.

I must admit though that I tend to get way too easily discouraged. It's easy to come and blog here and tell other people what to do, a lot harder to actually do those things myself. Recently I've struggled with the fact that I've been going to the gym almost every day for 3 weeks and have managed to gain 4 pounds. I know this isn't about a number. I said that on my very first blog post. But there is still that little voice inside me that is driven insane by the number.

So anyway, I'm trying not go get discouraged. Another thing I do to make myself crazy is I tell myself that I am not doing enough. Quiz time -- can someone remember the basic mantra of this web site? It's "Doing something is better than sitting on the couch doing nothing" Yeah, some days I might not get as much cardio in, but I do have to remind myself that at least I did something that day.

But it's not all bad. I have decided on my basic work out goal. In the past I have always made my goal an unrealistic number, be it a dress size or a weight goal. Not this time though. My goal this time: A very good friend is getting married in August. I want to buy a dress for her wedding. Currently, when I wear a dress, I look like Curly from the 3 Stooges in drag. My goal is that for the wedding, I want to look like Larry from the 3 Stooges in drag.

For me, that is a realistic and achievable goal. Go me!