Monday, August 1, 2011

Event Update

This evening we did 3 miles on the river. It was nice, a tad warm, but we had a nice breeze, which is the good thing about riverwalking. Didn't see a lot that was tremendously exciting, but as always, it's way more fun to be out in nature than sitting home on the couch. If you didn't GOYB tonight, here's what you missed:

A duckie. We generally don't get many ducks along the river, in fact, I think this was the first I've gotten a picture of along this stretch of the water.
A great blue heron looking particularly photogenic.

We also saw lots of crabs and bunnies again. Both species seem to have been getting down a lot this year as there are TONS of them along the river.

Hope you can join us on our next adventure!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Event Update

No SOS walk, today was something totally different, got to see a sea turtle released. Her name was bubbles, and she can be tracked on the Tour d'turtle web site. The grey thing on her back is a transmitter so she can be tracked and studied.

Doing a walk out at Riverside park in Vero tomorrow at 7:00. Hope you can join us!