Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick Update: 2 miles at Goodwin

So, David is doing a challenge called "Bird of the Day" wherein you attempt to see one new bird species every day of the year. He has been home not feeling too well for a few days, but still managed to get his birds. Tonight he felt up for going out to Goodwin. I was sure I was going to get eaten alive by bugs, but wanted to get some miles in so I joined him. As always when I decide to go to Goodwin, I had a great time and saw some neat stuff. I only went 2 miles, but I found David's BOTD for him, a barred owl. I didn't get a picture, in fact, it's one of the few birds who I can identify based on it's call. The only picture I took was the sunset:

We also saw a little ring-neck snake that was adorable, but it was getting too dark to shoot.  But overall, surprisingly few bugs, good company, and great weather made for yet another great walk out in the wilderness. 

Come out and join us for a walk soon. We have some week night river walks coming up, be sure to join us!