Saturday, January 8, 2011

Event update: 10 miles!

If you didn't choose to GOYB today, you missed a spectacular 10-mile walk along the water. Here's just a little of what we saw. Click to enlarge pictures.

 There was a fair amount of bones and other dead stuff today. This was a bird we found, haven't been able to ID the species yet.
 We walked all the way to Brevard County from Treasure Shore Beach (5.25 miles out, 10.5 miles round trip). Here is Heather in front of the sign to prove it.
 Here is me in front of the sign. And no, we didn't drive there, we really walked:-) I gots the blisters to prove it. And, Dave and Alison,  I finally figured out the Garmin, so I have the technology to prove it too!
This was our coolest sighting of the day. We saw a sea turtle from the bridge. Then we saw another, and another, I think in the end there were about 6 playing in the water.
Here is the divine Miss H. sitting on the VERY windy bridge. She was sitting on the railing and to be honest, I tried to take the picture as quickly as possible cause it was making me nervous, I was afraid she was about to take a swim with the sea turtles below.

So, we were quite proud of our accomplishment.  Bring on the 1/2 marathon! Seriously, other than the blister, I felt great during and after the walk. I used Glide, and worked great on the places that my sports bra hits, but it didn't seem to work quite as well on my foot.  I could really use some blister prevention tips and cures.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Speed Walk!

So, Heather and I met at Wabasso Beach for our walk. We did FANTASTIC! I am SO ready for the 1/2 marathon. We did 15 miles in under an hour and a half. GO US!

In a completely unrelated note, Dave, Alison if you are reading this, I think I figured out how to use the Garmin! Or maybe not... LOL (It might have been closer to 3 miles in 1.5 hours:-)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals and Resolution for 2011

I realized today that I have been hesitant to record my goals and resolutions for this year because once I write them down, I will have to start working on them. So, as of this moment going forward, here are my goals and resolution for this year:

  • Walk 500 miles. (8.2 down, 491.7 to go)
  • Last year, I made an effort to reserve only one night a week on which I would eat crap for dinner. This year, I resolve to, instead of once per week, only eat crap AFTER I have walked 25 miles. After I eat crap, the count starts back at 1. 
  • Get onto Alison (my awesome trainer's) Success Stories board.
  • Short term goals continued over from last year:
    • Continue seeking out bee people. This was the most important one last year, and is still the most important this year. I've found one or two, but you can never have enough. 
    • Finish Timmy and start book.
    • Get new tattoo. 
    • Learn a song on the banjo and post a video to YouTube.
    • Toilet train the cats. (I don't kid myself. I realize I have very little control over this one.)
  • Add something new to the long term goals list.

And finally, I decided that my main resolution this year is that no matter how high the cliff, this year I will hurl myself off of it with complete abandon. I might crash and burn or I might learn to fly, but either option is better than clinging to the same cliff for 46 years and being sad cause nothing ever changes.