Friday, July 15, 2011

Event Update: River Walking...

We did a 3 mile walk along the river tonight. The skies were threatening so I didn't bring my real camera, I just brought my iPhone, but got some decent shots nonetheless. Not sure where my head was tonight, but luckily I had Heather along to point cool stuff out to me. If you didn't choose to GOYB tonight, here's what you missed:

A squirrel giving me the evil eye and telling me not to touch  his dinner.
This was one of Heather's finds, a really beautiful skink. This picture doesn't do him justice, he was really pretty.
Another of Heather's finds, a large black racer. He was quite accommodating and let me take a few pictures. Wish I had my long lens with me. I said that phrase a lot tonight!
You might have to enlarge the photo to see, but we counted at least 6 bunnies in this one spot.
There were zillions of giant land crabs out today. Saw some young (orange) ones and lots of older blue ones. Again, wish I'd had my real camera!
 This was a cool plant. I just liked the way the photo came out.
Someone was getting rained on a LOT. We were lucky, the rain held off till we were having dinner (inside) then the heavens opened up again.

It was a great walk, saw a bunch of really cool stuff. Sorry you missed it! We are doing our SOS walk on Sunday, join us if you want to see all kinds of cool stuff!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great Diet Tip!

This week I accidentally bought Cabot Habanera cheddar instead of my usual Jalepeno cheddar. I discovered that I use a LOT less cheese on my morning eggs as it's a tad on the hot side. Well, technically, my underpants burst into flames when I farted after I ate it, so it's a little more than a "tad" hot. But it's really yummy, and if you can tolerate it, it's a nice way to spice up eggs.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Event Update: Walk at Riverside park

Due to rain and the fact that I didn't get home from GA till late yesterday and was very very tired, we (Heather and I) just did a 2.5 mile walk today. Despite how tired I was, I still GOMB, why didn't you?? If you didn't, here's what you missed:

A nice red-bellied woodpecker.
 A suggestive pair of mushrooms.
Man, my mind must be in the gutter... is it just me, or are these mushrooms mating??

Anyway, this is just a very small sampling of the cool stuff you miss when you stay inside! Join us on a walk soon, the world awaits you!