Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great day at the ELC

Getting off your butt doesn't always have to involve long hikes or marathons. Case in point, today I had a great day at the ELC showing off ospreys (both the puppet and the real one who was hanging out in the nest). Thanks to everyone who came down to the festival and listened to me yack about ospreys, and
thanks to Heather for the picture:

Another fabulous day OMB!

We walked 5 miles out into Goodwin Wildlife Management Area this weekend. If you chose not to GOYB, here's what you missed (click to make pictures bigger):

I think this was a first for me at Goodwin -- Heather spotted this beautiful Meadowlark serenading us.
 This was another Goodwin first for me, a Red-bellied Woodpecker. If you enlarge the picture, you can actually see the red on his belly.
 For those of you who thought I've been making up the deer, check this one out! She not only posed for me, she actually smiled!
 This was a Green Anole. Apparently it was trying to turn itself sand colored but couldn't quite get there. I kinda felt bad for the little guy.
 A little alligator. He was kind of cute.
 A group of lesser and greater Yellowlegs.
 I love the way the light plays with things as the sun starts going down here. This is a Red-shouldered Hawk.
 This is a Kestral, just starting to take off.
And last but not least, my faithful walking companions, David and Heather!

Be sure to GOYB next weekend when I will be up in Brevard County doing a walk at Malabar Scrub! You never know what you might see, but I can guarantee that you won't see any of it if you don't get off your butt!