Saturday, December 11, 2010

Race update!

I did my 7th race today. I had my best time ever, even beating the one that wasn't really a 5k! Here are the results of the last 7 races:
As usual, my cheerleader and photographer was there to document it all for posterity.  

As usual, here I am being a
goof at the starting line.

David amused himself by taking
pictures while he waited for me to return.

This is my buddy Dave from the gym
crossing the finish line.

This is me, coming in last. But, in my
defense, it was a very small race. It was my
best time by 2 minutes, so I was happy.

The only thing that kind of bummed me out a little was before the race, I was in the parking lot of the park. Now it's 6:30 on a dark, wet Saturday morning, I was wearing my little running shorts, doing stretches. And this guy handing out fliers for an upcoming race starts to hand one to me, then he laughs, looks at me with a look of disgust usually reserved for people who are caught raping puppies, and says,  "Oh, YOU aren't a runner." I told him that am in the race, and he gave a half-hearted apology, but I still kinda wanted to smack him. But on the other hand, as I've mentioned before, I get a ton of support from the people who actually matter (David, the rest of the family, real runners like Dave and Alison from the gym, and the folks from Runner's Depot who are always super nice to me when I go into the store) so I didn't feel bad for long, and I kicked butt today, so I'm happy.

Now to face my next, much more daunting challenge: Holiday Shopping... Noooooooooooooooooo

Sunday, December 5, 2010

True Testimonial and Event Update!

Here is proof positive that my GOYB theory is good for your attitude! Here are actual before and after photos:

Before: David and Heather, sitting on
their rockers,  clearly unhappy. 
After: David and Heather on a
DeeMotivation Swamp Buggy ride!

Heather, clearly much happier not being in a rocker, and
showing off a Butterfly Orchid

How much more proof do you need that you should be coming out and playing with us?