Sunday, January 8, 2012

SOS Walk at Goodwin

We had another fabulous walk out at Goodwin Wildlife Management Area today. Perfect weather, and lots of critters! If you didn't GOYB today, here is what you missed:

We were welcomed in to the park by this little guy. Ok, he wasn't little at all, and we weren't so much "welcomed" as "threatened". It was one of the biggest gators I've ever seen, we were guessing maybe 11 or 12 feet. Luckily he was across the ditch from us, I would have hated to have to trip Heather and run.
Another big gator. This one was actually a little smaller than the first, but was in a better position for having his picture taken. Lookit them teeth!
 I am pretty sure this is the same hawk we've seen the last few times out. Very pretty, light breast.
Serious question to any wildlife experts reading this - Do butterflies do the nasty? Cause the last few times we've been out there it certainly looks like that is what they are doing. We actually saw a few flying together last week (and when I mean "together" I mean "together" in the boom-chicka-wah-wah way.)
We found this skull of a rodent of some kind, but not sure what. Need to check the skull ID guide on this one.

 More deer, dear.
The first gator we saw had turned a bit when we came back. Make sure you click on this picture to enlarge it to check out his teeth. Then consider how close we were to him when I took this picture the next time you try to say me and Heather are not bad ass!
It's amazing that critters this cute can be so unbelievable destructive. And tasty.

There you have it, another amazing day outside. Make sure you join us for an up coming walk. Remember, you can only see pictures of stuff on my web site, but you can only pee your pants at the site of a massive hungry-looking aligator 20 feet away from you if you GOYB and come with us!