Sunday, October 17, 2010

From Caterpillar to Yeti

I'm not a huge fashion maven. I've never been into the girly stuff like makeup and jewelry. But I do try to at least take care of the basics. I know the gym isn't a fashion show, but still, I try to remember to at least wear clothes without holes and to shave my legs if I'm wearing shorts.

But lately, I've noticed this bizarre phenomenon. When I am in the shower, I always check my legs to see how furry I am. If I am in the caterpillar range, I figure I can go another day without shaving.  But then, when I get to the gym, I notice that I am suddenly in the Yeti range, and totally should have mowed (way past "shave" stage) my legs. This has been going on for a few months, and I just can't understand how I can go from stubble to dreadlocks in the 1/2 hour it takes me to go from the shower to the gym.

The other day, it finally dawned on me what the issue is. I don't wear my glasses in the shower, so I can't see the braidable hair, my legs just look smooth and perfect.  So now my big dilemma is, should I stop wearing my glasses altogether? On the one hand, I really like not seeing imperfections. Also, there will be many more humorous gym mishaps for me to write about. On the other hand, assuming I survive the trip to the gym and the workout, I won't be able to see to update the blog. Dang. There is always a downside to taking the easy way out.

Reminder: Walk today at Pete's Impoundment

Hi! Just a reminder we are doing a walk today at Pete's Impoundment at the end of Jungle Trail in the Pelican Island wildlife refuge. We are meeting in the Centennial Trail parking lot at 4:30, or if you prefer, at my house at 3:45.  Hope to see you there!