Friday, September 17, 2010

Event Update 18-Sep-10

I will be doing an evening bike ride out at Goodwin Marsh tomorrow, Saturday Sept 18. We are meeting at my house at 5:00 PM. Helmets are highly suggested. Drop me an email if you want to join us or if you need directions.

Monday, September 13, 2010

To quote the Doobie Brothers, "It keeps you running..."

I ran my third 5k this weekend.  Here are the race results from all 3 I've done:

I'm not too happy with these results. I stretched the heck out of my feet and legs, and had no pain whatsoever. I felt like I was going fast and doing really well. I was totally bummed when I realized that I came in more than a minute over my last race. Given that I had all kinds of leg/foot pain last time, I don't really understand why my time was longer this time. I guess I can use the excuse that there were hills, and it was inland which made it a thousand times hotter than the last 2 races. But those would just be excuses. I will try harder next time (next race is in October.)

But overall, it was a great race, made better by doing it with 8 other family members. Uncle Duncan came in first in his age group, cousin Janine came in second in hers, cousin Beth did great in her first race ever, cousins James, Cathyrn and Dylan came all the way from Canada and survived the heat and humidity of a Florida race, and Amy (the one who started it all) did a 10k with her best time ever.  And, true to the family motto, we all got cake after! Yay!