Saturday, July 5, 2014

Circle B Bar Ranch

Had an awesome trip out to Circle B Bar Ranch in Polk County with David and Amy. If you didn't GOYB and join us, here's what you missed (click to enlarge):

 We came across the least shy Limpkin I've ever encountered, he totally wanted me to take his picture.
Here he is, eating his snail.
Did I mention how much he wanted me to take his picture?
 One seriously photogenic bird.
I am adding this picture to my book, already wrote his section while I was watching him.
This was the cutest little bitty gator, not more than maybe 2-3 feet. He was smiling. Probably because his mom was close by and he was hoping that she would feed him that tasty looking fat chick with the camera.
 This was a green heron. Not a perfect photo, but I liked the pose.
Same green heron, different pose.
 A young osprey was watching us.
A tricolor heron.

The colors were amazing out there today. The rain has really greened things up. I did stop on the way home to pick up a Thermacell as the bugs were getting pretty nasty out there. With all the standing water we have now, I suspect the mosquitos will be brutal soon.

Anyway, if you didn't GOYB and you us, you missed a great walk, amazing scenery, and super company. Come out and join us for our walk next week. Remember, you can see pictures of cool stuff on the internet, but you can only experience it if you GOYB and join us for a walk!