Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our First Satellite Event: SOS at Medicine Bow

I am so excited that the DeeMotivation movement is starting to catch on. Today I have our first satellite event update from Motivator Joy in Wyoming who did an SOS walk today. (Joy, by the way is the one who named this web site for me.) Here are her awesome pictures from Medicine Bow:

 HFC Wallaby on the trail up Medicine Bow Peak

 Krummholz trees at upper treeline
More up trail
 Looking down a steep part
 Views from summit

 Views from trail down
 HFC Wallaby
Thanks so much to Joy for her awesome pictures. I am sure that Joy and Wallaby will agree with me, you don't get to see neat stuff like this sitting on your couch! If you can't GOYB in Florida with me, then GOYB in Wyoming with Joy, or GOYB where ever you may be. It's a great world out there, go see it!
Hi, quick event update, our SOS walk this week will only be TOS (three on Sunday) so if you have never joined us cause you felt intimidated with six miles, this will be a great way to get your feet wet! Hope to see you there! We will start at Riverside park in Sebastian across from the Hess station, and will probably grab dinner after the walk.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today's Textercising Workout

Official text message will go out at 5:30, but your mission, should you choose to accept it, is:

50 Jumping Jacks (or 100 1/2 jacks)
25 Standing Side Leg Raises (25 each leg)
25 Squats

Challenge:  10 Leg Climbers (5 on both legs)

And, by special request of Joy, todays work out music is Volbeat's, "Still Counting"  (Note that the lyrics are not entirely safe for work although the video itself is fine).

By the way, if it seems a little tough today, it's because I just had cake, so we all must pay. That's the way it works.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today's Textercise Tally

Ok, here's the tally for today:

Assignment was: 50 Windills, 10 pushups, 20 bicycles, 40 side leg raises, AND 10 burpees.

Me: All of the assignment PLUS: 10 girly style pushups and my back was a little stiff so I also did 50 crunches on the yoga ball to loosen up a bit.

The Amazing Miss Heather: All of the assignment, PLUS 45 pushups, 150 crunches, and 150 butt lifts!

How did you do? Reply here and brag!


So lately, a bunch of us have been textercising, wherein I send a text message at 5:30 each day with instructions for horrible ways to torture yourself. If it makes you feel any better, I'm doing them too (I even included pictures yesterday to prove it.) As there isn't a lot of room for detail in text messages, I decided to put up a list with links to instructional videos of stuff that we do. The 3 characters at the beginning are the codes used in the texts. In the coming days I will make some videos of the modifications that I have to make due to my knee issues. Pretty much all of the videos I found on youtube start with the assumption that you can already do everything. They are QUITE wrong.

Please note that I've been doing this stuff for almost 2 years now, and I don't expect everyone to do what I do every day.  Start off doing as many as you can, and don't hurt yourself.  Don't beat yourself up if you can only do 3 or 4 of something, you will get better.  Always remember the DeeMotivation motto: Doing Something is Better Than Doing Nothing!

Warm Ups:

  • ARM: Arms/upperbody (I like her suggestion to use soup cans if you don't have dumbbells)
  • BIC: Bicycle
  • CRU: Crunches
  • PU: Pushups
    Note: Some people prefer to do them "girly style" where you start on your knees, but I can't do them that way cause of my knee issues. What ever works best for you.

Stuff that will make you call me names:
  • BUR: Burpies
    Note: I do the beginner one, and due to knee problems usually start with my hands elevated, on a curb or stair instead of on the floor.
  • LC: Leg Climbers
    Note: The scrawny twits in the video make this look easy, but they are HELL.
  • MTN: Mountain Climbers
    Note: Due to knee problems usually start with my hands elevated, on a curb or stair instead of on the floor.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Text Message Workout!

Ok, we did our workout at the park before we took our walk. Here's what we did:

 We did a warm up of 25 windmills (Opposite hand to foot.)
 Had some camera issues, I'm not this blurry in real life.
 We did pushups on the bench. Heather did her personal best of 47.
 I wimped out at 30.
 We did crunches. There are different ways to do crunches. Legs up takes some of the strain off your back.
 It's important to remember that crunches are a small movement.
 Remember to contract the abs.
 Another type of crunch is alternate elbow to knee.
 We finished with jax. Due to knee issues, I did 1/2 jax, with one foot on the ground at all times.
Heather did full jumping jacks.

After the workout we did our 2 mile walk. We probably could have gone further, but the weather was quite threatening this evening.

As for my other disciples, HFC David worked outside today and was in the field when I sent out the message. Haven't gotten official reports from Joy and Vicki yet, but Amy was a slacker today. I think I will have to send out an even MORE evil workout tomorrow:-)

Oh, and Heather came up with a great name: We are Textercising! Love it! Join us tomorrow, back to 5:30 EST.  And, don't forget our SOS walk on Sunday. We are tentatively leaving from the Jungle Trail lot, but might change it so we can get a bug-free workout in.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

You don't have to travel...

Last week, Heather, being the instigator she is, decided that we should start doing other stuff than walking. Since we can't always get together, we decided to start working out together via text. So every week day evening at 5:30, we text each other workouts. After 3 days we are up to:

-- 30 pushups
-- 50 crunches
-- 50 jumping jacks (or 100 1/2 jacks)

It's actually a lot of fun, and the lovely Miss Taz in PA will be joining us this week. If you want to join our little text work outs, drop me an email ( with your cell phone number, and I'll text you at 5:30 to remind you to GOYB and DROP AND GIVE ME 30!

On a related note, due to scheduling conflicts, we skipped our SOS walk today, but I got to tell you, there are still some really neat things to see, even if you just GOYB and walk around outside your house. Cool stuff just in my yard:

A black and yellow argiope. It was very cool, she was doing something with those little tiny appendages in the front, it almost looked like she was grooming herself. I actually never even noticed that they had those little thingies before, I am not sure what they are, will have to do some research.
This was bizarre -- in case you can't make it out, it is a wasp carrying around some kind of caterpillar or worm.

This was all in 5 minutes outside my house. Remember my mantra - "Doing SOMETHING is better than doing NOTHING!" Write back and tell me what's outside your house today! And don't forget to join us at Riverview on Tuesday.