Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Text Message Workout!

Ok, we did our workout at the park before we took our walk. Here's what we did:

 We did a warm up of 25 windmills (Opposite hand to foot.)
 Had some camera issues, I'm not this blurry in real life.
 We did pushups on the bench. Heather did her personal best of 47.
 I wimped out at 30.
 We did crunches. There are different ways to do crunches. Legs up takes some of the strain off your back.
 It's important to remember that crunches are a small movement.
 Remember to contract the abs.
 Another type of crunch is alternate elbow to knee.
 We finished with jax. Due to knee issues, I did 1/2 jax, with one foot on the ground at all times.
Heather did full jumping jacks.

After the workout we did our 2 mile walk. We probably could have gone further, but the weather was quite threatening this evening.

As for my other disciples, HFC David worked outside today and was in the field when I sent out the message. Haven't gotten official reports from Joy and Vicki yet, but Amy was a slacker today. I think I will have to send out an even MORE evil workout tomorrow:-)

Oh, and Heather came up with a great name: We are Textercising! Love it! Join us tomorrow, back to 5:30 EST.  And, don't forget our SOS walk on Sunday. We are tentatively leaving from the Jungle Trail lot, but might change it so we can get a bug-free workout in.


  1. So, the next SOS walk is this Sunday AM on Pelican Island, right? Hmmm... thinking about it ..thinking about it ...

  2. Yes, but make sure you RSVP. We were talking tonight about maybe moving it somewhere less buggy, but didn't decide for sure.

  3. Just for the record, I copied this from my FB page:

    I did my 100 1/2 jacks (wasn't wearing a sports bra, so I wasn't about to do the full ones today) and 30 pelvic thrusts (to give my neck a break). But my arms/chest are super-sore from yest, and I could only eke out 8 pu's! :(