Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our First Satellite Event: SOS at Medicine Bow

I am so excited that the DeeMotivation movement is starting to catch on. Today I have our first satellite event update from Motivator Joy in Wyoming who did an SOS walk today. (Joy, by the way is the one who named this web site for me.) Here are her awesome pictures from Medicine Bow:

 HFC Wallaby on the trail up Medicine Bow Peak

 Krummholz trees at upper treeline
More up trail
 Looking down a steep part
 Views from summit

 Views from trail down
 HFC Wallaby
Thanks so much to Joy for her awesome pictures. I am sure that Joy and Wallaby will agree with me, you don't get to see neat stuff like this sitting on your couch! If you can't GOYB in Florida with me, then GOYB in Wyoming with Joy, or GOYB where ever you may be. It's a great world out there, go see it!

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