Sunday, April 15, 2012

SOS at Circle B Bar Ranch

Many moons ago, David and went out to this new park, Circle B Bar Ranch. It was quiet, and beautiful, and other than us, there was just a herd of Red Hat Society ladies. Really nice place, and I've been wanting to go back for a while now. 

So this week, joined by the lovely cousin Amy, we finally made it back there. Since we were there last, they have put in a visitor's center, and apparently advertised, cause there were hundreds of people, all of them with at least 15 screaming horrible children. We saw quite a few birds, but I really didn't enjoy the first mile or so of the walk as it was wall-to-wall people. Once we got out into the open area though, it was just like I remembered it. If you didn't GOYB this weekend, here's what you missed:

We were welcomed to the park by a pretty red-bellied

This was a red-shouldered hawk
sitting on a nest, right along the path.

A raccoon getting a drink.

A solitary sandpiper. He was singing, "All byyyy myself. don't wanna live, allllll byyy myseeeeelf" So sad.

This was really cool. It was a baby alligator who hadn't lost his stripes yet. I've never seen one this young in the wild before.

A glossy ibis, who despite having a white face, was not a white faced ibis.

Amy spotted this - a big turtle who I think thought he was hiding.

This was Amy's favorite bird of the day. Check out those HUGE green feet!

I mean really, those feet are ENORMOUS!

HCF David and Amy looking at the
yellow crowned night heron.

Yellow crowned night heron, checking out
HFC David and Amy.

There were some really photogenic
Limpkin out there today.

This was a Limpkin performing
some personal maintenance.

He wasn't just pretty good, he was a great blue heron!

There was a bunch of smashed eggs. Not sure if something
hatched, or if this is left over from when the easter
bunny went on a bender.

Purple galinule. Check out his bright white butt and
big feet. 

I felt bad for this anhinga. I was taking
pictures of the bright flashy gallinule, and this guy
just sat there waiting patiently for me to take his

HFC David's butt.

An armadillo, or a "mouse wearing armor" as my mom
used to say.

Wrapping up te day, Amy, David  and me.

As always, it was an awesome day outside. Remember, even if it's a bad day outside, it's still better than a day sitting in front of the TV or computer. GOYB and join us for a walk!