Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Most Awesome Event Update EVER!

Today we had the most awesome event EVER! We kayaked down Turkey Creek. If you weren't OYB today, you missed a lot! Here are just a FEW of the pictures that Heather took (I wasn't feeling confident that I wouldn't drown my camera so Heather was kind enough to do the photography work for me today.) There are tons of other pictures as well, these are just the highlights. Click the photos to embiggen:

 Me and HFC David, attempting to kiss without capsizing our kayaks. That sounds way dirtier than it is.
 We had an awesome turnout today. In addition to Heather and HFC David, we were joined by Paul...
and Ibrahim...
 and Dawnell...

 and the lovely Kristen, our fearless tour guide!

This was about the coolest thing I have ever seen. A manatee actually came about 1/2 way out of the water to nom on some grass. Really amazing!
 David, looking good as always.
 There were a total of 9 canoes on the trip.

 Heather took all of the pictures today, I thought this one is amazing, definitely the picture of the day!
 An anhinga drying its wings.
 Me, David and Dawnell during our picnic lunch.
 A cute picture of Ibrahim.
 The kayaks, also taking a lunch break.
A soft-shelled turtle.
 Heather thought it was funny that my life jacket had an ad for Vodka on it.
 Me, looking like an adventurer.
 I think this will be the new DeeMotivation icon.
David, my little adventurer

The divine Ms. Heather. I finally got up the courage to take a few pictures, and I didn't even drop the camera!
 Our fearless tour guide, Kristen, taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.
 This picture made me laugh, the turtle was goofing off with his legs sailing in the air. I think he was practicing his Superman moves.
 A cool shot of a manatee.  We saw quite a few today, and one even swam right under Dawnell's boat!
A scary alligator. I lie, he was actually very cute and not too big. But I'm glad he stayed on shore. As I explained to Dawnell, you don't have to outswim the alligator, you just have to outswim the other people in the water!

Today was an awesome trip. Thanks so much for everyone who came out and especially to Kristen from FLOC for making it such a safe and enjoyable trip. If you are looking for a great, fun thing to do on a weekend, be sure to check out her web site and business, located in Captain Hirams in Sebastian.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Event Update: McKee Botanical Gardens

We finally made it out to McKee Botanical Gardens on Easter Sunday. If you didn't GOYB, here's what you missed (click photo to embiggen):

 There wasn't a ton of stuff in bloom, but the water lilies were pretty.
 Another waterlily.
 They have been doing a Dr. Suess exhibit with sculptures throughout the park. They were very cool. Here is me and HFC David with the Cat in the Hat.
 Me, with the Grinch.
 Me and David with the Grinch. You can just barely make out Max's antler in front of me. One of the park volunteers too the picture for us.
I took this picture for my friend Karen. It reminded me a fateful camping trip to the white mountains, specifically the great turtle incident in Storyland.
 David does not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like, ah, who I am I kidding, I've been off sugar for 39 days, I'll eat ANYTHING at this point!

For those who couldn't join use, I hope to see you on the next outing!