Monday, April 9, 2012

SOS at Goodwin

Been having some foot trouble since before I went to CA, but really hate missing my walks. So we've been doing shorter walks, but still getting out there. Today we had a great walk out at Goodwin WMA. I was joined by Heather and HFC David, and we saw LOTS of cool stuff. If you didn't GOYB, here is what you missed! (Make sure you click to enlarge, some of these are pretty cool!)

We started off the walk with a wood stork. Always a welcome sight!

This was a life bird for Heather, an indigo bunting! Good thing we had HFC David with us, we totally would have missed this otherwise.

This was just silly. This HUGE alligator had a clump of leaves on his butt, I swear,  I think he thought he was disguising himself.

Whoa! Camouflage! Where did he go?? (We humored him:-)

There were lots and lot of birds out there today.
Black-neck stilts, just one of the birds in this group, is
one of my favorite critters.

A limpkin, looking particularly

This was a cool snake. Can't remember what kind,
might have been a black racer.

Green herons usually do not pose, this guy
was very obliging though.

This was a REALLY big bob cat. In
this photo, he looks almost like a
standard poodle in silhouette, which is
just bizarre.

A really pretty and HUGE banded water snake.

Not a great shot, but I just thought it was neat seeing
the deer and the ibises playing together.

Another shot of the deer.

A snake skeleton.

Lots or Roseates out there. They are nesting. We saw some babies, but the sun was wrong to get them in a photo.

This was a cool critter, a soft-shelled turtle.  A total poser which made it even better!

Hope to see you out at our next walk. Remember you can only look at pictures on the internet, but you can only experience this kinds stuff if you get out there with us!