Friday, May 14, 2010

Not Built For Speed

"She ain't built for comfort
She's built for speed"
-- From the song, "Ultimately Fine" by the Bodeens

I thought of this song at the gym the other day. I met this nice woman (conveniently enough, also named Denise) and we chatted for a while about how long we've been going to the gym, work out history, all that stuff. She mentioned that she started doing triathalons at 48 and that she has one coming up soon. I mentioned that I like to bike/hike outside and we were comparing notes about where we like to go. At first I thought I might have found a kindred spirit, but when I mentioned that I go slow and am usually lugging photography equipment, she said, "Me? I'm all about SPEED!" I laughed. I told her I only go fast if there is something chasing me, and even then it has to be something really really big and scary!

But the funny thing is, as I was leaving the gym today I noticed that a sign for a 5-k run coming up in June. Inspired by cousin Amy as well as the lady at the gym, I figured what the heck and signed up. I know I won't run it, my knees still aren't up for that, but what the heck. I used to do the breast cancer 5 benefit every year, and back home I did the 10k AIDS walk every year, so I think it will be fun (although it won't be as cool as the AIDS walk where they used to dress up the statues on Boston Common in feather boas!)

But I digress. Feather boas aside, my point here is that I'm definitely built for comfort, not speed. But it's also important to remember Neil Young:

"It's better to burn out than it is to rust."

I might not go fast, but at least I'm moving and not rusting!

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(Anonymous) at 2010-06-02 19:11 (UTC) (Link)
You go girl! I'm so proud of you for doing a 5k! BTW, when is it? It's not about speed, it's about getting out there and doing it! Amy
PS, I would totally be willing to do a race with you sometime and wear a feather boa! =) Love ya!