Sunday, November 23, 2014

First Manatee Watch with New Camera

I did my first manatee watch with the new camera today. I need some practice, but here are my shots. Given how warm it was, I was surprised at the number of manatees out there. If you didn't GOYB and join us, here's what you missed.

Sadly, one of the ways that manatees are identified is by their scars, many from run ins with motor boats. This one's scars were healed, but they must have hurt at one time.
This is the first young Turkey Vulture I've ever gotten a picture of. Notice the lighter color head.
There was a gator swimming around with the manatees. They all seemed to get along.
Also a few turtles out there.
A few comorants.
And manatees! There were 3 feeding right in close.
It's amazing what a difference a long lens makes. I never realized how vaguely obscene their snouts can be.
Another view.
Of course, all 3 of these came in right after we finished the survey, but I noted them on the paperwork.

Be sure to join us for a survey, we go out ever Thursday and Sunday. Remember to check my schedule too for other events, you can see cool pictures here, but you can't experience it until you GOYB!