Saturday, June 11, 2011

Event Update: SOS 1

So, today we did our first official Six on Saturday (SOS) walk. It was very hot, but very awesome too. If you didn't choose to GOYB, here is what you missed. As usual, click photos to embiggen:

This was a really pale hawk. Not entirely sure what kind. He flew out in front of us when we first started out.
 This guy must be a local, I think I got a picture of him the last time we walked A1A too.
 A neat tree top.
 This was scary. We were just innocently walking along when suddenly Heather grew as big as palm tree! Here she is doing her patented Attack of the 50 Foot Woman pose.
 These aren't sea beans, but I have already forgotten what Heather said they are called.
 Heather returned to normal size by the turn around point, 3 miles.
 Your fearless leader, at 3 mile point.
It was very very hot, so we didn't see a huge number of critters, but on the way back, we found some bob cat poop, so we know the critters are out there!

Hope you can join us on our next outing.

Remember, you can only watch life go by from your couch, you can make life happen by getting off your butt!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Reason to (Literally) GOYB

So, this morning before I left for the gym I read this article. For the past year or so, there are many days when I feel like it's actually killing me to sit at the desk. I work out every morning, but by the end of the day I feel like I've been hit by a truck. The article pretty much confirms what I know to be true.

So, when I was at the gym this morning I noticed that they have a a new boot camp starting Monday evening, 3x/week for 4 weeks... I can't believe I did this, but I actually signed up for it. It should be interesting. But, if you don't see me updating the blog you will know that boot camp killed me before my desk could:-)

In a related story, I also need to get serious about doing the 5-minute activities throughout the day.  Please submit any that you think up. As described in the rules, you can either submit them via twitter, on this site, or via email. But don't forget -- especially those of you who work at home and do a lot less walking that those who actually leave their house -- you have to do them too! I'll post pictures of myself doing anything submitted, but hey, it was your idea,  you need to do it too!

If you are in the mood for something longer, join us for a 6-mile walk tomorrow at 7 a.m., starting at Wabasso Beach.  But whatever you do, remember to GOYB and move!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Event Update: Turtle walk

Last night we (me and a bunch of Sierra/Audubon people, led by the amazing Heather) did a turtle walk out of the Barrier Island Sanctuary. It was seriously amazing. We only had to walk less than 1/2 mile to see a spectacular 39" Loggerhead come up on the beach, dig a hole, lay the eggs, go flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity to cover them up, then go back down to the water.  Unfortunately I don't know how to turn the flash on my camera and cell phone off so I wasn't able to to take any pictures (the bright lights stress out the poor critters) but trust me it was amazing.

This is not the kind of thing you will ever see if you don't GOYB. The world is a very cool and beautiful place; you might see it, but you will never EXPERIENCE it from a chair in front of the TV!

Join us for a walk and see what the real world is like!