Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Event Update: Turtle walk

Last night we (me and a bunch of Sierra/Audubon people, led by the amazing Heather) did a turtle walk out of the Barrier Island Sanctuary. It was seriously amazing. We only had to walk less than 1/2 mile to see a spectacular 39" Loggerhead come up on the beach, dig a hole, lay the eggs, go flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity-flippity to cover them up, then go back down to the water.  Unfortunately I don't know how to turn the flash on my camera and cell phone off so I wasn't able to to take any pictures (the bright lights stress out the poor critters) but trust me it was amazing.

This is not the kind of thing you will ever see if you don't GOYB. The world is a very cool and beautiful place; you might see it, but you will never EXPERIENCE it from a chair in front of the TV!

Join us for a walk and see what the real world is like!

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