Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Event Update: Goodwin WMA

If you chose not to GOYB on Sunday, you missed an awesome bike ride out at Goodwin WMA:

 I was joined on the bike ride by Heather and her friend Ibrahim. We decided that a true test of love is trying to ride a bicycle built for 2 on an 8 mile ride through a wilderness area... will they still like each other at the end of the trip? Stay tuned...
Goodwin is always amazing at dusk, and this evening was no exception. We saw 3 bobcats, and this one was kind enough to pose for us. We think it might have been a female protecting some young, as she just sat there and stared us down in a "don't come any closer" kind of way. Unfortunately, I didn't have my long lens with me, but she was a beauty, she had long white whiskers. My kitties would have loooooved her:-)
 We got back a little later than intended, but we were treated to a magnificent sunset on the way back.
Yup! True love prevails, even after a few close calls on a bicycle built for 2!

Looking forward to our next outing!