Saturday, October 2, 2010

Race Results

Well, the good news is that I had my best time ever today, I have cut more that 10 minutes off of my first race in June, so I am proud of that. The bad news is that there is no record of this whatsoever because my chip fell off somewhere on the race course. I told the record keeper at the end of the race, but I guess they couldn't add it in as I am not listed on the official results. I know that the point of this race was to raise money for the American Lung Association, and I accomplished that goal, and I know it's really small and petty of me to be this upset about not having this official, but MAN is it bugging me.

At any rate, here are the results of the last 4 races:
And I do have proof of my time, as my cheerleader and personal photographer got me coming across the start and finish line:


Me, at the start line.

Me, torn between being elated at my best time ever, and utterly crestfallen realizing that my timing chip was gone and there was no record of this whatsoever, other than the picture.

I didn't even come in last, I would have come in 17th for my age group  if I hadn't lost my chip.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Event

Hi! This weekends event will be a bike ride out at Goodwin Wildlife Management Area:

Date: Sunday afternoon
Time: Meet at my house at 5:00

Please drop me an email if you want to join and for directions. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You don't need new underpants, you can surgically get a bigger butt!

Ok, now I'm just plain scared. Last week I posted about the fact that you can buy underpants to make your butt look bigger. Well, it turns out that if you want a more permanent solution, you can also GET SURGERY to make your butt look bigger.

My favorite line of the article, and I warn you to skip the next line if you are squemish, is:

"The difference between this is and other sorts of fat augmentation is that the surgeon injects fat between layers of muscle, so there is more blood supply to the fat and less of it dies. The scars left by the incisions needed to inject the fat are hidden, says Mendieta, ‘in the grand canyon where the thong goes’, hence the name of the procedure."

Now I don't know about you, but on the list of places on my body that I don't want an incision, I'd have to say my butt crack is pretty close to the top of the list, or the bottom I guess. I mean, have you ever been riding your bike, and you kind of lift your self up a little to adjust, and when you sit back down you are a little off center and you.. OUCH. Now, imagine paying someone to ... oh wait, don't imagine that, it is WAY TOO FREAKING HORRIBLE.

But this still comes down to the fact that there are women in this world who actually WANT a bigger butt. I want to find these women and introduce them to the joys of Dairy Queen, large sausage pizzas, lazy-boy loungers and Netflix. There are far better ways to get a large butt, and I am familiar with them all.  But for now, I personally will stick to trying to get off my butt more!