Tuesday, August 14, 2012

30 miles

So, with being sick and all, I got behind on my mileage goal. Heather and I decided to step it up (literally!) starting last week. Since last Saturday, I've covered over 30 miles. We've been walking in the evenings, and I've also been trying to up my mileage in the gym in the mornings. Be sure to keep an eye on the event listings and join us for the evening walks. We usually walk at Riverside in Vero, which in addition to being safe, well lit and not buggy, also has the advantage of being loopy which makes it easy to go as far as you want without having to worry about going back the way you came if you get tired. So, come out and join us us for at least a mile or two. Almost guaranteed that you will some cool stuff there including woodpecker families, ibises, and depending on how late we walk, owls and bats! Hope to see you there.