Monday, May 27, 2013

Awesome Weekend Outside

Had an awesome weekend outside, joined by HFC David. I was trying out a new video camera, so we hit Goodwin, Joe Overstreet, and Vierra. Click here to see the video of the roseate spoonbills. Keep scrolling down to see what you missed if you didn't GOYB and join us. Click on the photos to enlarge:

Roseates dancing. It's amazing seeing the shape of the
dinosaur in this picure.

If I was this color I would show off like this
all the time.

This is a young one, he was so fluffy. 

Maybe they aren't descended from
dinosaurs, maybe they come from a
long line of cotton candy.

This guy in front looked like a ring leader.

There was something weird about this
guy's face.

This picture made me laugh, the one in
front looks like he is leading an
aerobics class.

Mmmm cotton candy....


Another poser.

This is one of my favorite pictures I've taken ever. I
love his eye, I love that he's standing on a
spider web.

Despite their nick-name, "The Butcher Bird"
I still love these guys and think they are
soooo pretty.

This picture makes me laugh. There is some strange story
waiting to be told here. For some reason I was
imagining the movie the Body Guard with the cow in the
Whitney Houston role and the cattle egret as Kevin

A long shot of the Vierra Wetlands.

An anhinga looking pretty.

Red-wing black birds are common
and I'm sure most people think they
aren't anything special, but I love
their little army stripes and think
they are beautiful.

Two baby great blue herons. 

A whole herd of young anhingas hanging out.

An adult anhinga who really really really wanted his
picture taken.

He was a total poser!

This was a second anhinga, trying to out-pose the
other one. Maybe they were working the runway

Another baby anhinga at the Click ponds.

A final shot of the poser anhinga.

Make sure you keep checking back here, we have a few road trips coming up including Orlando, Paynes Prairie, St. Augustine, and more. I am thinking of adding a Brevard Zoo trip too, drop me an email or reply here if you would like to join that, or any trip! Hope to see you out there. Remember, you can look at pictures, but you can only really experience this stuff if you GOYB!