Sunday, May 6, 2012

SOS at Kissimmee Prairie

Had an awesome (almost) SOS at Kissimmee Prairie. They had recently done a prescribed fire, which made for an interesting and VERY dirty SOS. If you didn't GOYB and go with us, here's what you missed:

David, me, and Heather on the porch of the Kissimmee Prairie visitor's center. It wouldn't be a trip to Kissimmee Prairie without a rock on the porch rocking chairs.
Our first critter of the day was a very young alligator, David guessed about 2-3 years old. Really cute and tiny.
A really freaking HUGE but gorgeous snake. David thinks it was a pine snake.
A poor little frog who appears to have been run over by one of the fire trucks.
David said this was a "small" burn, but I sure wouldn't have wanted to deal with it.
We saw more tracks that I ever remember seeing before, and then I realized that it was critters running away from the burn. If you click to enlarge this photo, you can see at least 3-4 species tracks here.
This was kinda cool, a hawk carrying dinner. Carrion carry out!
Nighthawks like to hang out here. They are cute when they sleep.
The Shrike, or the butcher bird, likes to impress girls by impaling his prey on barbed wire. We did't see the shrike, but we saw a few of his victims. I think if i was a girl shrike I'd be impressed with his skills.
 Another Shrike victim.
A southern toad.
Heather was wearing long pants and sneakers, yet was still filthy when we were done with our 5.5 miles.
As it was my birthday, Heather made incredible noms for after the walk. Shown here is a nice, healthy steak salad. Mmmmm.
Me and Heather.
David, Heather and me.
This was weird. I was wearing sneakers and heavy sox, and still my poor little toes were BLACK when I got home from the dirt and ash!

All in all, another awesome day out in wild. Remember, you can see stuff like this on TV or the internet, but you will never get this dirty unless you GOYB! Join us next week, when I will probably do an SOS in Brevard County. Let me know if you have any suggested locations!