Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recipe for Disaster

Here is a new recipe:

  • Some skim milk
  • Some protein powder (I like the publix brand greenwise soy vanilla)
  • A few handfuls of frozen fruit (I like blueberries, but whatever you like)
  • A handful of raw spinach or other greens
Blend in a blender. Drink.

Note: This particular recipe can reach a trajectory of up to 6 feet if you accidently whack the cup over while pouring from the blender. Also, cats, although they will show some interest, will not lick up a blender of smoothie off the floor. Ask me how I know this.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, it's been a while since I've updated here. The good news is that I've been knocking off some of my short term goals:
  • Make crabs for the ELC
  • Make interactive map of how the FL land mass has changed for the ELC.
  • Toilet train the cats -- partly done. Maggie pees in the toilet, but won't poop. Barty used the potty seat, but not when it's on the potty. The other three -- I guess they are slow starters.
  • Finish Timmy and start book -- Timmy is almost done. I just need to get some cement for his shoes.
  • Get promotional material (brochures, magnets, web site) for David's business printed and distributed. Done, but I need to get better about distribution.
I have moved some stuff onto a new list and added a few new:
  • Get new tattoo.
  • Learn a song on the banjo and post a video to YouTube.
  • Make a birthday present for someone who might read this so I can't say more.
  • Begin taking a self defense class.
  • With David, take a cooking class.
  • Start a new series of models, possibly bugs or plants
  • Cleanup my iTunes set lists and hopefully, after my birthday, put them in my new iPod Touch.
And, there are a few things that I wand to do on an ongoing basis:
  • Go to the gym -- been doing this for about 10 weeks now, mostly 5x/week
  • Cook one new recipe a week. Post results here.
  • Get back to updating this blog on a regular basis.
What about you? Got any new goals?