Saturday, September 14, 2013

Turkey Creek Video!

We had an awesome walk out at Turkey Creek today. I was joined by HFC David, and Suzy and Bob from Space Coast Audubon. Here's a video of some of the incredible stuff we saw out there today!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Update!

Been a long time since I updated here. I've still been walking but haven't led any official events in a while. I had a rough time over the summer, but things are looking up now, and I'm planning lots of cool trips for the fall, including looking for falcons in St. Augustine in October.

I am also starting to devise a long range plan, and it's a big one: I'm planning to hike (part of) the continental divide trail. I've already been warned that I not only have to be in be in good enough shape to cover 10 miles per day, but I also have to learn how to poop in the woods. 10 miles a day I am confident I can handle. Pooping in the woods, not so much!

I am still working on my 1000 miles. I am so proud that Aunt Kathy was the first to hit the 1000 mile mark. David is in the 900's, the rest of us are sorely lagging behind. I calculated it today that I need to do 4.3 miles/day from now till the end of the year to hit my 1000 miles. I have been getting a lot in in the gym with bike riding, rowing and the treadmill, but need to step up my game. I'll die of shame if I'm the only one who doesn't hit 1000 miles!

And speaking of walking, we (me, HFC David, and my partner in crime, Heather) had our first official walk in a while on Labor day. If you didn't GOYB and join us, here's what you missed! (Click to enlarge pictures.)

 The day was blisteringly hot, but it was a great day for butterflies. Here's a common buckeye.
 It was also a great day for spiders! Here is a beautiful golden orb weaver with either her boyfriend or her kid, wasn't sure which. At any rate, she is the much larger one. Golden orbs rock!
 Did I mention it was a great day for spiders? We saw hundreds making webs on the telephone wires.
 It was also a great day for bananas.
Lots and lots and lots of bananas.
This was wicked cool, wish I had my video camera out - hundreds of fish all jumped out of the water at the same time, most likely disturbed by a predator.
Heather found this - as we were coming back to the parking lot, right over our heads in a tree - was a golden orb weaver giving her buddy Mr. Dragonfly a big old friendly hug!

Now where else, but out in nature can you see a golden orb weaver snuggling her buddy? Remember, you can see stuff like this on the internet or TV, but you can't experience it, you can't hear the dragonfly giggling with delight at the warm fuzzy snuggles - unless you GOYB and come walking with us!

Be sure to join us soon!