Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last Manatee Watch of November

Had a fairly quiet manatee watch today, just 4 manatees. Saw a few birds. But time spent out in nature is still way better than being inside! If you didn't GOYB and join me, here's what you missed.

 There was a whole herd of wild turkeys out there. This is the first half decent shot of a wild turkey that I have ever gotten.
 They were pretty obliging, let me take a few pix.
There were 4 manatees, all feeding on this icky mixture of dead fish and the grass and trash that was coming over the dam. I have never seen them feed this close to the dam before.
This picture made me laugh. The perspective makes him look like he's wearing a crown.
My favorite picture of the day. They have such pretty feathers in flight.

Don't forget, I do manatee watches every Thursday and Sunday, come out and join me, even if you don't care about manatees, there is always a bunch of stuff to see out there!