Friday, December 16, 2011


I made it to 500 miles last night! I realize that I could not have made it without:

  • My Garmin sports watch. It was nice to track the progress.
  • My iPod. Can't do nothing without music.
  • Music, specifically Volbeat, Mike Doughty, Fleet Foxes and the million other tunes I've listed to over 500 miles.
  • All the great people (Michael, Linda, Donna, Dave) that I have met at the gym who notice if I'm not there (fortunately that is infrequently:-))
  • Alison - It's so nice to have someone cheering me on, and it will always mean the world to me that she came down to cheer me on as I crossed the finish line at my first 1/2 marathon!
  • HFC David - He has called me every morning to remind me to go to the gym, he comes out on some DeeMotivation events, and he believed that I could do this.
  • Heather - My daily dose of sunshine and spirit! She has come out on almost every DeeMotivation event, the SOS walks were her idea, and she has thrown my own obnoxious words back at me when I need to hear them most. 
Here are the pictures from last night:

Taking the official last step of my 500 miles.
Me and HFC David celebrating at DQ after.
Yes, DQ, I never said I was perfect!
If I can do this, ANYONE can! Heather and I already have plans for 750 next year, a thousand after. We start January 1. Onward we go. Join us!