Saturday, October 2, 2010

Race Results

Well, the good news is that I had my best time ever today, I have cut more that 10 minutes off of my first race in June, so I am proud of that. The bad news is that there is no record of this whatsoever because my chip fell off somewhere on the race course. I told the record keeper at the end of the race, but I guess they couldn't add it in as I am not listed on the official results. I know that the point of this race was to raise money for the American Lung Association, and I accomplished that goal, and I know it's really small and petty of me to be this upset about not having this official, but MAN is it bugging me.

At any rate, here are the results of the last 4 races:
And I do have proof of my time, as my cheerleader and personal photographer got me coming across the start and finish line:


Me, at the start line.

Me, torn between being elated at my best time ever, and utterly crestfallen realizing that my timing chip was gone and there was no record of this whatsoever, other than the picture.

I didn't even come in last, I would have come in 17th for my age group  if I hadn't lost my chip.

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