Monday, May 30, 2011

Rules for 5-minute activity suggestions

I have officially reinstated the 5-minute Right Now! activities on this blog and am looking for suggestions from readers. The point of these activities is to get myself (and anyone reading) up and moving just 5 minutes a few times a day. Studies have shown that long periods of sitting is incredibly unhealthy, and now that I am plagued with arthritis, I feel it even more. So let's get moving!

I am probably asking for trouble, but here's a promise: if you make a suggestion for a 5 minute activity, I officially promise to post a photo of me doing the activity. Within reason of course. Rules include:
  • Nothing involving nudity or things that will get me kicked off blogger or facebook. 
  • If your suggestion includes music, please post either a youtube link or the name of the song. 
  • These are intended to be brief activities that can be performed on breaks at work. So, save the "run a marathon" suggestions for weekends.
  • If I'm doing these activities, I expect my readers to be doing the same! If you aren't brave enough to submit pictures, at least post a reply to my picture to let me know your experience!
You can submit in the following ways:
  • Post your suggestion on twitter, using the #deemotivationgoyb hash tag. These posts will automatically appear in the feed at the left of the main page. 
  • Reply to this post with your suggestion
  • Send me email Please put either DeeMotivation or 5-minute Activity in the subject line.
Past 5 minute activities have included:
Lets have some fun with this!


  1. okokokokok. i wanna play the game. I just love me some games....ESP ones that include embarassing photos of one another. Alas, I don't tweet...and, i just ain't gonna....CAN I STILL PLAY????????

  2. Of course! If you don't Tweet, just leave a reply to this post with your suggestion. This post is linked from the Right now box when you click on "Click here for rules" You can also send mail, but it will be easier for me to claim I "missed" seeing the suggested activity, posting here makes your suggestion known to the world, LOL.