Sunday, May 29, 2011

Event Update: Viera Wetlands

We went out to the Viera Wetlands today. It was just me and HFC David today. Lots of cool stuff to see. If you didn't GOYB today, here is what you missed. Click on photos to embiggen:

 This is a snake skeleton, David thinks perhaps a garter snake. It was pretty neat, kind of the next stage after the picture I got in the Everglades a few weeks ago.
 This is a least bittern, in a somewhat uncharacteristic pose. They usually stick their beak straight up so they blend in with the reads. Notice how well his color blends in, when the head is straight up, they become almost invisible.
 A Gulf Fritillary nomming on a plant.
Yours truly. I am really not grumpy. I have those glasses that get dark outside, but they don't get dark enough, so I'm always squinting and looking grumpy. I really was having a good time out there.
HFC David, with binoculars.
 This was a really cute tiny alligator. My only fear was that his mom was around somewhere, but if she was, I didn't see her.
This was new for me: baby Anhingas. I didn't know they are white when they are little.
 A Sandhill Crane
 A White Ibis. They are common as dirt down here, but I still think they are so very pretty.
This is 2 baby great blue herons, one of whom was having a very bad hair day.
This was my favorite picture of the day. I have never seen a great blue heron's tongue before. This poor guy was very very hot and panting.

This is a 4-spotted Pendant dragonfly.
As we were leaving the wetlands we went through the Click ponds, there was nothing there, then we cruised over to River Lakes Conservation Area.
This is a view of one of the canals at River Lakes. Really pretty place. This is a really neat area that I don't get to often enough. David said there is a 6-mile-ish loop out to the river. I'm thinking this will be a future event, but perhaps when it gets a little cooler and less buggy.

Sorry if you missed all the cool stuff today, Be sure to check back for upcoming evens!

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