Saturday, May 28, 2011

Event Update: The Tropical Elevator From Hell

So, we had grand designs to walk 5 miles out at Goodwin WMA this evening. A few drawbacks to this plan:

  • The mosquitos are ferocious
  • It is approximately 8,000,000 degrees outside
  • I worked past midnight 3 nights this week
Thus, we decided to make a last minute substitution to get dinner, then take a long walk along the riverfront. This would have been a good idea had I not notice the chocolate-raspberry martini on the menu... Then the music started. I could not think of words to describe the badness of this band, but it was basically 80's pop, "played" (I use the term loosely-it was mostly pre-programmed) reggae style on a synthesizer. Heather thought of the perfect term: Tropical Elevator to Hell Music. Hence the need for a second martini. And, when you don't drink as I do not, this is the equivillent of drinking heavilly. Our exercise for the evening turned out to be trying to guess the tune that the "musician" (who, by the way, for no apparent reason, was dressed like a referee, which technically moved this dinner into the classification of "sporting event") was playing. After much, much debate, we figured out two songs:
  • Bridge over Troubled Water
  • The Theme From Arthur (Once in Your Life)
And yes, they were both played reggae style, with a synth drum. Trust me when I say, that sometimes mental exercises are more strenuous than physical ones.  Anyway, here are the pictures from tonight's event:

Me, ironically wearing my DeeMotivation t-shirt. For those of you reading, blowing off a walk to eat and drink is highly recommended now and then. You have to cut loose now and then.
Miss Heather, agreeing with me completely. 

We did decide to reschedule our 5 mile walk at Goodwin for Monday morning at 7:30. Be there or be square!


  1. WOW. You are fast. I thought for sure that after two of those martinis you were DONE for the night...see you Sunday....when we really will walk those 5 miles.....

  2. oops...SEE YOU MONDAY