Monday, May 30, 2011

Event Update: Daybreak at A1A

We got out of bed early on a  holiday no less to do 5 miles out on A1A. If you didn't GOYB today, here is what you missed. As usual, click photos to embiggen:

 Sometimes we walk in more urban areas. There are advantages to both rural and urban. It seems one of the disadvantages is that we see more dead critters in the urban areas.  This is a baby bird, predated by something, not sure if human or some other critter.
I guess the red bellied woodpeckers really like telephone poles. This photo is almost identical to the one I took in the everglades a few weekends ago.
 This is a ...something worm... David told be what it is called, but danged if i can remember.
This is a dead legless lizard, also called a glass snake. Legless lizard is the most appropriate term, it is not a snake at all, it's a lizard with no legs. You can see that it moves completely different than snakes. It is a really pretty critter, and it made me very sad to see one dead. They look sturdy, but are in fact pretty fragile creatures, so it doesn't take much to do one in. We couldn't really tell what happened here, but it looks like something got its tail.
And, on a happier note, Heather and HFC David spotting something near the end of our 5-mile trek. A hot, but great walk as always!

Be sure to check the main page here for updates and new events. Hope to see you off your butt and outside with us soon!

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