Monday, October 25, 2010

Making Exercise Bearable

Recently, someone who shall remain nameless was telling me how much she hates exercising. I admit, there are plenty of days that I don't feel like doing it either, but there are lots of ways to make it more bearable:
  • Use your imagination. I hate the rowing machine. For some reason, every gym I've ever gone to doesn't have a tv on or near the rowing machine, leaving me to my own devices for entertainment. Unfortunately, I've always had bad knees and there are days when rowing is the only form of cardio I can get in. So, when I have to use the rowing machine, I pretend that I'm on real water, and there is a really attractive guy on the shore who I have to save from a pack of rabid Victoria Secret models. The amount of clothing that the guy is wearing is inversely proportional to the amount of hatred I am having for the rowing machine on that particular day.
  • Use your active time to take out your agressions. I took up raquetball at a really bad time in my life. I won't share the details, but I named the ball, and if voodoo works, the person I named it after had the headache to end all headaches every time I played, and just the thought of that made me feel really really good.
  • You don't have to go to a gym, you just have to GOYB. Don't even call it exercising -- call it walking the dog, window shopping in a mall, playing WiiFit, dancing to your iPod, or my personal favorite, going birdwatching. As long as you are not sitting on the couch watching TV, it's all good.
Let me know your favorite ways to get off the couch and avoid exercising!

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  1. Love this!! You are a riot and thank you for making me laugh.