Sunday, April 3, 2011

Event Update - Turkey Creek

We had another glorious outing today. We (Heather, Ibrahim and I) went to Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay. If you didn't GOYB today, here is what you missed (click on pictures to enlarge):

 This is a skink. The photo doesn't do him justice, he was a beautiful critter, kind of a silky black, brown and tan.
This is another skink that was hanging out. Again, the photo doesn't do him justice, his coloring was amazing, with the black and brown, but then the bright orange head.
This is a picture of Heather being really mean to poor defenseless little me. We somehow got onto a trail that ended in the middle of the boardwalk. Heather hopped right up onto the boardwalk, but I made the mistake of sitting my camera down, and Heather snapped this picture of me gracefully (haha) climbing up.
 We finally made it to the water's edge. There were tons of kitty fish swimming around.
 There were also tons of turtles sunning on logs today.
 Here is Heather doing her patented turtle-sitting-on-a-log imitation.
 Heather took this neat artsy picture of your truly in front of the Turkey Creek sign, with Galardia in the foreground.  (If anyone from Sampson Island is reading this, I mistakenly identified this a Coriopsis. Sorry about that). This picture came out so nice that I forgave her for the boardwalk one:-)
Heather and Ibrahim on the dock at Goode Park.

We are talking about doing a kayak trip for a future DeeMotivation event, so on the way home we stopped here to check out the launch facilities. From here you can kayak through Turkey Creek. As I will have to hire a leader and rent kayaks, please drop me an email if you are interested in joining, and I will schedule a trip. 

As always, it was a lovely outing, thanks to Heather and Ibrahim for making it so much fun! Hope everyone reading this can make it out to a future event!

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