Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unoffical Event Update: Walk at ELC

I completely forgot to post this one on the site, which is a shame, cause for a very short (about a mile) walk, we saw a HUGE diversity of stuff. Check out what you missed if you chose not to GOYB! As always, click to embiggen photos:

 We saw a fence lizard...
... a bunny
 ... a very old looking gopher tortoise
 Miss Heather posed by a sign...
 An osprey with babies...
a great-crested flycatcher...
 and lots and lots and lots of love bugs!
Generally, I try to keep my events as safe as possible although on this trip we were accosted by a mammoth that brutally attacked poor Heather!
After the mammoth attack, nothing is scary. This was a harmess red rat snake. Very pretty and vibrant as he had just shed his skin.

Hope you can join us on our next event. There's a lot to see and do in this world, but you can't do it from your couch!

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