Friday, August 26, 2011

Event Update: Mosquitos SUCK - literally

Ugh. We knew we weren't going to be able to get in an SOS this week, so we had grand intentions of getting in SOF instead. We had not taken into account mosquitos. Due to the rains we have been getting, the mosquitos are the worst this year that I seen since I moved to Florida in 2000, and that includes trips to the everglades. We walked about 2 miles at Riverview park in Vero, which was about a mile and a half more than I wanted to walk, luckily Heather was there to convince me that I am stronger that 8 billion mosquitos. I mean, I am truly a wimp - I was covered in bug spray, and Heather was not, and I was still the one wimping out. Anyway, despite being eaten alive, we still got 2 miles in, and a few good pictures. If you didn't GOYB, here's what you missed:

A very dramatic little blue heron at dusk.
Lots of giant land crabs out this evening.
A dramatically posed picture of a little blue heron and squirrel. Would have been more dramatic (and surprising) had it been moose and squirrel.

Join us for our next walk on Tuesday at Riverview in Vero. I cannot emphasize enough to BRING BUGSPRAY!!! and probably wear long sleeves, and long pants.

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