Sunday, October 28, 2012

Now's Your Chance: Torture Dee (Updated)

A while back, my trainer did a run for a children's cancer charity. To sweeten the pot, she agreed to do a burpee for every dollar pledged. Given that I get matching gifts at work, I pledged a lot just because the thought of her doing twice as many burpies made me laugh:-) So, inspired by her, I decided to offer a similar deal. If you pledge me for the "Kidney Walk in Tampa" I will do horrible things for every dollar raised.

$ 1 - 100 - 1 crunch for every dollar
$200 - above plus 100 pushups
$300 - above plus 100 squats
$400 - $900 above and will let a donor decide on each torture (let me know when you pledge your preferred form of torture)
$1000 - Above plus 100 burpies. With the push up. I hate burpies which is why I set the number so high here.

Bonus: For every dollar over 1000, I will perform a minute of interpretive dance and will have someone record the hightlights and post them here.

I know I've annoyed a lot of people with my bad puns and horrible facebook posts. This is time for your payback. Make me suffer! And thanks for your pledges, it's for a great cause and in honor of a great woman, aunt Kathy!

Note - if you get matching gifts at work, please let me know so I can add it to the torture tally.

Update 28-Oct-2012: I have the coolest friends - Alison and Joy are pledging me two dollars for every day between now and the walk that I eat like a grown up (at least 2 real meal a day, and NO junkfood). I'm doing ok so far, and by ok I mean I haven't killed anything yet! So far, I am at $48 with that pledge, and $340 in other donations.  I also have another friend, Vikki, who is pledging me $1 for every day I get in 1/2 hour of exercise, and $2 for every day I get an hour in. Luckily she is letting me count walking, I'm up to $24 on that one, with matching gifts from work, which makes it $ 48!

Please pass the link to this page along to help me raise money for a good cause!


  1. Maniacal laugh. Maniacal laugh.

  2. Just to clarify - I just had someone ask if they can pledge $1 for a million burpies. NO. The deal is $1 per unit of torture. You want me to do a million burpies, you gonna have to spend a million dollars!!