Sunday, February 17, 2013

STA5 and Green Cay

Today started out very very cold. I can't believe  I got up that early, in that cold weather, but as always, was very glad I did. I was joined by HFC David today, and if you didn't GOYB to join us at STA5 and Green Cay today, here is what you missed (click to enlarge):

 A small herd of woodstorks
 A turkey vulture looking picturesque.
Swarms of terns flying back and forth. They were amazing to watch, flying as one. They reminded me of that toy we used to get in our stockings for Christmas every year where you draw hair on a guy with a magnet, they just looked like they were being dragged through the sky as one by an unseen force.
 It warmed up by the time we got to Green Cay. The colors were incredible. I never noticed how pretty coots are. Check out his eye!
 There was something dead on the side of the road. I thought maybe a vulture?
 Another coot.
 A common galinule, but with these colors, looking anything but common.
 Common galinule.
 Check out the feet on this coot!
 Even something as simple as a grebe looks spectacularly beautiful in this light.
What chooo lookin at, Willis??
 A HUGE soft shell turtle.
I never noticed iridescence on these guys before - check out the purple stripe on the neck.
So an anhinga and turtle walk into a swamp... This picture looks like it's just waiting for a punch line.
The secretive sora.

The day started out very cold, but it was totally worth it, as it always is. Remember, it's always better to GOYB and do something than to just watch what someone else did on the internet! We have some great events coming up, make sure you  check out our upcoming events page and GOYB and join us!

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