Saturday, November 22, 2014

More from Viera

It was too rainy to go out and play today, instead I stayed in and messed with the new camera. Here are some additional pictures from our trip to Viera on Monday.

 A Coot.
A Great Egret
I don't know what the Eagle was nomming on, but the Grackle was picking on him the whole time the Eagle was trying to eat.
 This is the Eagle picking the feathers off his dinner.
A Great Blue Heron posed nice for me.
A Cormorant also posed nice.

Come out and shoot some pix yourself next time! I will be doing manatee watch tomorrow (Sunday) at 3:00 if anyone wants to come out, email or text me!

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  1. Hi Dee - this is an Anhinga - look at his beak