Sunday, December 28, 2014

Manatee Watch

I was having an allergy attack and wasn't in the mood to stay and take pictures today, but there was something wierd going on, and I wanted to get at least a few pictures. Through the binoculars, I thought maybe it was a mama and baby, but after I took the picture and blew it up, I think not:

This was a manatee nomming on some grass that had come over the spillway.
This was a manatee feeding near trash floating in the water. That makes me so furious.
This is the weird one. I thought it was 2 manatees at first, but if you click to enlarge, you can see that it's one manatee, lying on her back just playing with her food!

The manatee watches have been great fun this year. You can look at the pictures here, but it's way more fun to come out and see them in person! Drop me an email if you want to GOYB and really experience a manatee!

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