Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yet another gym tragedy...

In general, I really really like the gym I go to (Anytime Fitness in Sebastian). The people are really nice, the equipment is very well maintained, it's clean, accessible and so forth. The one problem I have with the gym though is the mirrors. Due to the layout of the gym and the placement of the mirrors, there is not a single spot in the place where you can not be seen.

For example, I got a pair of workout shorts (from Junonia, of course) about a million years ago, and they were the only shorts I wore since I got them. I should have expected that eventually they would start to wear out, given the abuse I tend to give my workout clothes (see the sad story of Sporti in a previous post). But unfortunately, I did not realize that the shorts were quite as threadbare as they were until I was in the gym, legs spread wide... I will spare you the details, but due to the mirror placement, I am fairly certain that there are many gym members who were aware of the issue before I was. I finally ordered new shorts.

Then, there was today... As all fat chicks know, the worst part about working out is fear of doing something really really dumb at the gym. Oh sure, we've all farted doing situps. And, at least I, have fallen off a treadmill (at the feet of a really cute guy no less). But with mirrors everywhere, stupidity seems even more magnified.

Today I fell off of a yoga ball. All apologies to any fat chicks reading this, but honestly, there is nothing funnier than someone shaped like a yoga ball rolling off of a yoga ball. I kind of looked like the top 2/3 of a snowman falling off the base. The thing is, I had a false sense of security because I was way off in a corner. But looking up as I picked myself up off the ground, I quickly realized that due to the placement of the mirrors, there was probably not a single person in the gym who didn't see it.

I really love the gym and plan to keep going, but I'm thinking maybe I should wear a wig or dark glasses for a while...

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