Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We need a new 5k benefit!

So, this morning, I did 2 miles on the treadmill, and my heel was pretty sore when I got home. So I decided to ice it. I took off my shoes and was rolling the ice bottle around on the floor. I got up to get something from my office, and when I did, I noticed that my right heel was kind of numb too. I was like, "oh, no! Don't tell me I have plantar faciitis in that foot now too!" So I was all bummed out.

A few minutes ago, I got up to get lunch. When I came back, I noticed that floor in front of where I'd been sitting was all wet. Suddenly it dawned on me -- I don't have PF in the other foot too, the ice bottle was just leaking on my good foot.

We will file this story in the same folder as when I thought I was having a stroke but it turned out to be my glasses fogging when I went from the airconditioned car to the unairconditioned parking lot. Or the time I thought I was going to die of Lime Disease, except it wasn't a tick, it was a piece of chocolate from the trail mix on my leg. Or the time I thought I had really bad floaters until I realized there was an ant crawling around on my glasses.

You know, they have 5ks to benefit every other disease, I think I should start one to benefit Hypochondria. I will encourage people to wear imaginary ribbons and we can all wear t-shirts that say "Placebos, not drugs!" Who's with me?

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