Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another great day at Goodwin

Well, this weekend I didn't do some of the stuff I had planned. I skipped the 10k. Mostly because my foot is really really hurting from the plantar faciaitis again. It's at the point where it's throbbing up to my knee. Got to get it looked at again.  Also, because the race is done on roads, they don't allow headphones. As I've mentioned before, I could run without legs better than I could without my iPod.

But I did manage to get in a shorter walk tonight. We had another wonderful walk out at Goodwin this evening. 4 miles, and lots of critters and cool stuff. If you didn't GOYB today, here's what you missed (click to enlarge the pictures):

 This was our first critter of the evening, a very pretty ribbon snake.
 This is a BA alligator.
 This is the wing of a coot. David thinks that an eagle probably got it and dropped the wing carrying it back to his roost. I am reminded of the Gary Larson joke "Carrion Carryout".
 This was a huge banded water snake.
 This was a much smaller banded water snake.
 We aren't sure what this used to be. It was clearly a mammal of some kind, but all that was left was this completely stripped pelt.
 This was odd... it appeared to be a snail walking around leaving this crazy trail behind him.
 I got a better picture of the deer tonight, you can actually tell that they are deer.
 This is becoming my favorite time of the day, and it's always been David's. I love how the light just bathes everything in an orange glow. Here is a black-crowned night heron.
 This was the remnants of a dead fish. It had a really interesting texture. At first, I thought it was part of a palm tree till David pointed out the eye socket.
Here is David, smiling proudly at his work. And by "work" I mean he cut the cheese right before the picture was taken.

Other than that, it was a great evening, and despite that, great company.

Hope you can join our next outing. I will make David behave if you join us:-)

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