Sunday, February 20, 2011

Event Update -- Snakes and birds and...

If you chose not to GOYB today, you missed an amazing walk out at Goodwin Wildlife Management Area. Among the many cool things you missed:

A poser of a hawk! He was very pale and happy to moon for the camera. In fact, if I didn't know better, I would swear he was putting effort into mooning me!

Two cara cara nomming on something.

A pretty snake. We saw one these before, but I can't remember what we decided he is. It has  really pretty color, kind of a 2-tone cinnamon color.

This was a little tiny solid black snake. At first I thought it was a ring neck snake, but there was no ring. Maybe his wife is really good at laundry.
 As I was leaving, it was getting pretty dark, but I did get to see 3 deer running off the road. You can see their white tails if you look closely. I wonder if the critters at Goodwin are sick of me -- I started and ended my journey today getting mooned by critters!

Sorry you missed all this cool stuff by staying in, hope you join me next week for more adventures!

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  1. Darn. Hate to miss a good walk out in nature! I was totally gyob though....I was on ELC Paddlewheelin' fundraiser and eco-chatted with over 300 people. the boat was three levels and I took a lot of stairs that day - which i did not even realize til that eve - my calves were pleasently sore.