Saturday, March 26, 2011

Event Update

If didn't choose to GOYB,  you missed an amazing walk out at the Vero Wastewater Treatment Wetlands. Lots of birds in breeding plumage. Heather, Ibrahim and I had a great 2 mile walk out there. Here's what you missed (click to enlarge):

 Lots of birds in the "mood" today. Here is a little blue heron with thoughts of loving on his mind (you can tell by the much brighter color on his bill.)
 This was an interesting scene - great egrets, an immature night heron, and a grackle. We went back and forth on the night heron, but David confirmed it.
A white ibis, also totally in the mood for loving. I am quite glad I don't turn colors every time that I'm in the mood.
 The same white ibis flying off.
 A momma, daddy and wittle bitty baby sandhill crane.
 I called this as a sora when I first saw it, then second guessed myself out of it. Then David confirmed that yes, it really was a sora. A cool bird, this picture doesn't do it justice.
We saw lots and lots and lots of marsh bunnies. This one was a poser.
A cattle egret. This is a simple little bird, but I just think they are too adorable. 

Now tell me, did you see ANYTHING like this while sitting on your couch today? I seriously doubt you did. Join us on our next outing and see more spectacular stuff!

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