Sunday, March 27, 2011

Event Update

Today we got up at 4:30 am to drive up to Brevard County for a boat trip on the river with Wildside Tours. It was totally worth the insanely early hour. If you chose not to GOYB, here is what you missed (click to enlarge pictures):

 This could be one of my favorite pictures that I've ever taken. The pelicans just look so happy! They know the joy of getting off their butts!
 This was an interesting little scene. You can compare and contrast the laughing gull with the bonaparte's gull (check out the leg color and black eye patch on the bonaparte's) and you can also compare the royal to the caspian tern (the caspian has that honking big heavy beak.)
Two pelicans, looking majestic.
A pelican flying. I just liked the composition of this picture.
Two pelicans watching two great blues with a younger great blue between them. There is a story here.
 My HFC, and tour guide for the day, David.
 An anhinga, seriously in the mood for loving. I don't know...  if I was a girl anhinga, I'm not sure if blue mascara is really the thing that would get my motor revving.
 I love ospreys. They just have such a head full of attitude.
 A green heron.
A laughing gull, in the mood, and a pelican.
Just an anhinga, but I really liked this picture.

This was a great day out with Wildside Tours. I just tagged along today, but I would love to set up an official DeeMotivation tour with them.  It would be a paid trip (as you know, most DeeMotivation events are free) but I really thought it was a blast and well worth paying for. If you think you might be interested in doing this as an official DeeMotivation event, drop me an email.

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