Sunday, August 7, 2011

Event Update

So, the last time we did and SOS, I got severely dehydrated and felt awful for days after. So, this week, I took all kinds of precautions. My trainer told me about this electrolyte stuff you can get that doesn't have all the calories of gatorade or even G2, so I tried a packet of that. It tasted like vaguely cherry flavored spit, but  it really seemed to help (I drank 6 oz of that on my way to the water). I also got myself a fancy 70 oz Camel Back. That was awesome. Absolutely worth the $50, it was so nice not to have to carry multiple water bottles, and it also had pockets for my cellphone and keys, and the best part is that it is insulated, which meant that my water was still cold when I finished it at the end of the walk!

Speaking of the walk, if you didn't GOYB today, you missed some wicked cool stuff! Here's what we saw today:

I haven't seen one of these in a while! It was a very pretty golden orb weaver. He was way up on the power line.
Heather decided that she needed her picture taken in a banana jungle. I concur it was quite picturesque.
A banana bloom with lots of bananas.
 I'm not sure what this was. I thought at first maybe a Forester's tern as it had black eyes, but he just wasn't pointy enough. Perhaps a laughing gull in between plumages?
 A smiling bunny!
Some kind of really really really large moth.
I should know, but admit I have no idea what the heck these 2 birds were.
This was a first for us. Apparently one of the crabs got itself a fancy set of wheels! Or maybe it was just a toy car that a kid left on the rock. I prefer to picture a crab cruising around in it.
 This was another oddity today. It was a chunk of bobcat fur. There was no other evidence that the cat had been hit by a car or predated, so maybe something almost, but not quite got him.
I was trying to get a good picture of this willet when something bizarre swam by...
 This was by far one of the oddest things we've ever seen. It's a Snook swimming on top of the water. He didn't just come up once for air, he was swimming like this all the way up the river! Really weird.
Neither Heather nor I know what the heck this is, but the white stuff was on an Australian Pine. I am thinking that maybe the pine tree had a sinus issue and it's tree snot. But that was just my guess.

Now I ask you, while you were sitting on your couch today, did you see a Snook* swimming on top of the water, or did you see pine tree snot? I think not! GOYB and join us Tuesday for our next walk on the river!

* And for those of you who actually watch it, no, Snooki on the Jersey Shore does NOT count!

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